Gary is a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED MASTER TEACHER of the Alexander Technique.



Gary Ramsey has simultaneously implemented the Alexander Technique in tandem with Breathing Coordination for numerous years to work with his clients in his private practice.




Gary applies the Alexander Technique to pinpoint habitually unconscious bodily practices. As a practitioner, Gary openly facilitates a safe and compassionate space for people to gently arrive into an authentic self-determined centered state of harmony and balance.

Gary’s holistic approaches purposefully bring us into a unified state, exactly the way nature intended for us.

As we work with our mind/body connection, we organically come into a heightened awareness, which in turn brings us into a freer state of being, and places us into the flow of life without unnecessary strain or struggle.







Gary Ramsey provides an educational and personal approach to identifying where our system is “out of balance” in our daily life. Being out of balance can produce blocked energy that doesn’t serve our full potential. Our natural energy becomes unable to dynamically flow fully and freely through our body. This in turn causes negative symptoms to build up in various areas of our physical, emotional and mental systems.



Unwanted muscular stress is often the result of years of accumulated unchecked tension resulting in a cumulative unwanted effect on the body.  Without addressing tension and stress in our body, we can be faced with common ailments such as spinal problems, arthritis, migraines, insomnia and illnesses which may become serious and require medical intervention.



Ramsey addresses and works with these energy blocks and assists clients into conscious awareness to aid in opening them up. By having a greater understanding about these areas and how to work with them, individuals become freer and more open; eventually causing less disturbances and difficulties throughout their body and in their daily life.



Gary Ramsey’s disciplined work is distinguishable from other methods which focus on relaxation and meditation as he effectively gives you the tools to live an energetic, artistic and purposeful life.




EVERYTHING that we do in our life should be a beautiful, organic, living expression of ease, calm and peaceful existence. Gary endorses and applies these holistic philosophical perspectives by empowering his clients to explore all aspects of their present day to day lifestyles. Upon individual reflection, and with Gary’s guided assistance, each one of us can really choose to live a much fuller, happier and more purposeful life.


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